Wild Scribes Tour

Update March 15, 2020:  Tour Postponed
While it remains important to gather in soulful ways, now is not the time to hit the road.  Please stay posted.


MARCH 18-29, 2020
free of charge

Join Brian Hoover, Tenneson Woolf, Roq Gareau and Dave Waugh for a night of poetry, storytelling and live music.
No two evenings are exactly alike, but a journey into the territory of the soul and matters of the heart is a sure thing.

Many people these days are longing for meaning, connection, community, and learning . They seek an arc of healing, following instincts that point to inherent wholeness.  Even when one of us finds some of that, it changes us not only as individuals, but also as the supporting community extending the arc.

There is no charge for Wild Scribe evenings.
Authors will be available for book signings following each gathering.

Dates & Locations:

  • March 18, 2020: 6:30 to 8:00 pm.
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    Banyen Books


  • March 19, 2020: 7:30 to 9:00 pm.
    Bowen Island, British Columbia
    Collins Hall



  • March 21, 2019: 7:00 to 8:30 pm.
    Revelstoke, British Columbia
    Dose Coffee


  • March 24 2020: 6:30 to 8:00 pm.
    Edmonton, Alberta
    The Nook Cafe


  • March 26, 2020: 7:30 to 9:00 pm.
    Camrose, Alberta
    Sacred Arts


More About These Events:

Join Brian, Tenneson, Roq and Dave for a night of poetry, storytelling and live music. Collectively, this tribe of wild scribes have published three books in the last two years: Soulful Fellowship: Men, Meaning and Purpose (2018: Gareau and Waugh), Tales from the Heart (2019: Hoover) and A Cadence of Despair: Poems of Heartbreak, Loss and Renewal (2020: Woolf). Don’t miss this vulnerable, inter-generational conversation.

Betrayed by our own ignorance and good intentions, we live in a time of desperation and undigested grief. Facing the truths that threaten us and our world can start to erode the trust we have in ourselves. This promotes a narrowing view and charged isolation that can have us quickly reaching for substance or diversion in attempts to dull pain and replace absence of connection.

Dave, Brian, Tenneson and Roq dive into their life experiences and share their own story-lines as they help us reach a better understanding of ourselves. We’ve forgotten how much we need each other to squeeze meaning out of complexity and breakthrough the patterns that prevent us from growing up. Times like these call for authentic, communal sense-making. Going through impossibly hard things together is what brings us together.

“Reading [Soulful Fellowship], I felt I was in the deep forest of life, sitting at the feet of master storytellers. Their stories assured me that the darkness is real and that when encountered fully and with faith, even in the darkness I will learn how to live a life rich in meaning and purpose. Written by wise men, I feel enriched as a woman and mother of sons.”


~ Margaret J. Wheatley, bestselling author of Leadership and the New Science and most recently, Who Do We Choose to Be

Brian is a life-long musician, composer and violin-maker, as well as being an advocate for the oral story-telling tradition.

Tenneson is a life-long learner, teacher, and student of the contemplative. He holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Behavior and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.

Roq is not afraid to put integrity before comfort and as such is an asset in any village as a truth teller. He is a seasoned tracker of symbols for the journey through the forest of the soul.

Dave is a psychotherapist, storyteller and author of two preceding books, including Evolving Soulfully.

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